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What is Mixed reality Windows, Learn How to Use on PC

Microsoft recently introduced Windows ‘mixed reality’. Mixed Reality allows you to run Virtual Reality (VR) and Agented Reality (AR) applications in your device. However, as long as your device does not meet the requirements of the minimum hardware, mixed reality settings will not appear in your device’s Settings app. Also, you will not be able… Read More »

How to Browse Private Way in a Smartphone

Browsing provides enough ways for anyone to get your information. Whatever you do on the internet on your Smartphone, it leaves the footprint. Anyone can easily find out about the information you have searched for. Well, most of all we know about the most common footprint ‘browser history’. But apart from that, browsers and web… Read More »

Steps to Set Any Type of Language on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging app. All smartphone users know about this app. WhatsApp was quite popular, leaving behind its competitor’s app in a while. There are many features in WhatsApp apps that make it more user-friendly than the rest of the chatting app. Recently, WhatsApp has introduced many great features such as Money… Read More »

How to Send Confidential Mail on Google Gmail

The world’s largest mail service, Google Gmail, has redesigned itself and added some new features. This will make it easier for users to use Gmail. If you do not keep this information, then this news is for your work. According to the reports, the user will have ‘snooze email’ in the new feature, with the… Read More »