Set Time in Smartphone and Hide Your Personal Data

By | August 13, 2018
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Smartphone watches use the user to view the timer, set the timer or as a stopwatch. But do you know that the phone’s watch can also be used as a secret locker? Actually, many apps attached to the watch utility are present on the Google Play Store. One of these is the App Timer Lock. Through this app, you can lock your personal data on the phone.

How To Use App?

1- Download Timer Lock – Photo Video Hide app from Google Play Store. Install and open the app. When you open it, you will have to enter the password recovery option in the window that will open. Then tap Save and Start. Now another window will open, in which you will have to enter the recovery e-mail id. After entering, tap on the tone given above.

2- Then you will be asked to set the time. The time you set here is your password. Set this to Click in the center from the clock. Here you have to set time 2 times.

3- Then tap the OK given in the window which will be open. In this window you will be told that if you forget the time, then you have to enter the time of 10:10. By doing so, you have to answer the question you created. This will allow you to set the password.

4- After this you will be able to lock all your personal photos, videos and files.

Learn about the app:

The full name of this app is Timer Lock – Photo Video Hide. In size, it’s just 5MB of the app. This app is available for download in Google Play Store.

Learn how to hide apps without photos and videos on the phone:

Let us know that the folders can be hidden in the phone without any apps. So let’s tell you the way.

Hide such a folder on the phone:

Go to the smartphone’s menu. After that go to File Manager After this you will get two options. Select one of the SD card and internal memory. After this, click on the three points given in the upper right. Then a box will open in front of you. In it, the new folder will be written, click on it and name the new folder. Do not forget to put a dot (.) Before giving the folder name. After creating a new folder, it will hide.

Save this in a hidden folder. Photo / Video:

To save any photo or video in this folder, open the folder. For this, go to the place where the folder was made. Then click on the three points at the top right to see that folder. Then uncheck the Hyde system file or click on the show hidden file. After this, you will be able to see the folder. Now save photos and videos in this folder. After this, click on the three-point option to hide the folder again and click on the Do not Show Hidden file.

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