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Tips to Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android

If you utilize Google Chrome extensions on the computer then you may conjointly prefer to use them on your phone. I don’t grasp why they’re not obtainable within the official Chrome browser however hope that there’s a sound reason for this. to put in extension here I actually have used the Chromium-based browser, Yandex that… Read More »

Easy Ways to Speed Up Windows Boot Times

There are a unit tons of steps you’ll go for speed your computer’s boot time. Here during this article, i’m attending to tell you ten Best ways that to hurry Up Windows Boot Times and that i hope this may be useful to you. 5 ways that to hurry Up Windows Boot Times 1. Try… Read More »

Steps to Set Any Type of Language on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging app. All smartphone users know about this app. WhatsApp was quite popular, leaving behind its competitor’s app in a while. There are many features in WhatsApp apps that make it more user-friendly than the rest of the chatting app. Recently, WhatsApp has introduced many great features such as Money… Read More »

Helpful Tips to Solve The Disturbance of Laptop Batteries

Without using Google, nowadays, it’s hard to do any work. Nowadays Google plays an important role in all the work of most people. Through Google Chrome you can easily get information from any corner of the world. Usually, nowadays, most of the desk-working people sitting on Google’s desktop are sitting on their desks. It is… Read More »

Personalized SMS like this in the Smartphone

In this article, we will tell you about a particular trick. We will tell you about a trick so that you can keep a secret by placing privacy on all the private SMS (SMS) in the Android smartphone. There is no doubt that there are so many messaging apps present in this web round of… Read More »

Tips to Remove Background of any Image/Photo

Many times your photo comes with unwanted people or a bad background that you want to remove from your picture. Now you have to do a lot of trouble to remove the background from these pictures. There is so many software online that you can use to change the background of your photos. In this,… Read More »

Know, Is Anyone Using Your Facebook Password?

Do not know your Facebook password anymore? Is it because someone is using your Facebook account without hiding your information? If you have a fear of these things in your mind, then now you do not have to worry. We are going to tell you about some easy ways that you will be able to… Read More »

8 Cool Tips from Google Search Box

There are many great products from Google, whose benefits are being taken by users from around the world, but the reason Google is still known is the Google search engine, which Google has made even better with time. Got it, let’s know Cool Tips Google search box: 1 Calculator-Calculator The Google search box can be… Read More »