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Know, Is Anyone Using Your Facebook Password?

Do not know your Facebook password anymore? Is it because someone is using your Facebook account without hiding your information? If you have a fear of these things in your mind, then now you do not have to worry. We are going to tell you about some easy ways that you will be able to… Read More »

How to Use Facebook Tags Review

There is a special tagging tag on Facebook that lets your friends tag you with any photo, when they are tagged, the photo starts appearing on your timeline, but some people use the photo of the timeless (timeline) Tag on which there are problems with Facebook users, if you are also troubled by this tagging,… Read More »

Hide Your Mobile Number on Facebook

Facebook has added new and old friends around the world, you can search friends from Facebook Search bar using Facebook in many ways, in which email IDs, names, and mobile numbers are main, this contact information is your By the time the friends were limited, then it is fine. But if you have not used… Read More »

How To Stop Facebook Auto-Play Video

A feature of the AutoPlay video has recently been added to Facebook, in which, whenever a video comes to the computer and mobile it automatically plays. This feature is very beneficial for publishers and advertisers, but the users of the Internet. The budget of the data is low, it can spoil their budget, if you… Read More »

Facebook will tell you who uploaded your photo without informing

Facebook has launched a brand new feature for its users. These options have started in most countries. However, this feature Canada and also the world organization won’t be applicable. Facebook doesn’t supply Face Recognition Technology here. In this, if somebody uploads your ikon to Facebook, you’ll get a notification. when obtaining the notification, you’ll tag yourself… Read More »