Do Video Recording of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Video Call

By | June 25, 2018
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There are many calls in the smartphone that we want to record so that they can be heard again when needed. How to do if there is a video call on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp and if you need to record it. There is also a special way to avoid such problem with which the video call can be recorded. Let’s know about it.

There are many applications available on Google PlayStore which feature a screen recording feature. One such app is DU Recorder. download it. After this, there will be a pop type icon on the screen. Users will have the option to record and pause the screen when clicking on the icon of the app. With the help of this application, you can also record audio with video, which can be very useful for the user. With the help of the app, turn on the recorder when the video call on the WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger arrives. After that, the video call will automatically be recorded.

AZ Screen Recorder Ape

Screen Recorder can take help of the Screen Recorder app for the screen recorder. You do not even need to do anything in this app. It also has to click on the icon on the screen and record the video. It is very easy to use this app. After starting it, you will see the option to access the folder of your recorded videos and to exit the folder to adjust the app settings to start recording four icons in the center of the screen. With its setting, you can choose the quality of the video output or view the conversation done during the recording. Once it starts recording, a red dot appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

Screen recorder with audio editor max

This app has the power to match the video with the help of the front camera with the screen recorder. It saves the recording in the internal memory of the phone. The thing to note is that it does not require any kind of login. You can also share videos from this app with friends on social media platforms. If the user wants to tell his relatives about a particular trick on the phone, then this app can be very useful to you. This app is known by the Screen Recorder with Audio and Editor & Screenshot on Google Plast.

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