Do you know these 3 special features of the smartphone

By | June 25, 2018
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Many people in the smartphone download apps from Google PlayStore to get different features, but do you know that there are many features in the phone’s settings that can prove beneficial for every user. Such as increasing the icon or text of the phone and increasing its speed etc. Let’s know about such special tips.

Most smartphone users with large eyes prefer to take a large display phone so that the icon and text are clearly visible on the phone. Despite this, they can not read text written on the phone. While users can use ‘Magnifying gestures’ to enlarge some icons and words in their old or small phones. With ‘Magnifying gestures’ you can zoom any part of the display twice by touching it. To activate this feature, first, switch to the phone’s settings. Click on ‘Accessibility’ here. In this you will get the option of ‘Magnifying gestures’ Clicking on this feature will start on the phone.

Large text

If you have always seen the size of text smaller and want to avoid using ‘Magnifying gestures’ again and again, the solution to this problem is the ‘Large Text’ feature. This special feature is present in the setting of the Android smartphone. To activate it in the phone you have to go to the option of an Android phone or iPhone settings. After this, the option of ‘accessibility’ will be seen as ‘large text’. By turning on it you can see the size of the text appearing on your phone’s display. It is very helpful for people with weak eyes.

Option to increase speed

Smartphones can easily increase with the help of the Secret Settings. Go to Settings for this. Then click on Developer Options. Then there are two options of the Windows Animation Scale and the Transition Animation Scale. Their default speed is 1x or 2x. You can either turn it off or you can set it down to 0.5x. Doing so will decrease the time scale of animation in your phone and you will be able to swiftly switch between menu, app.

Option to improve gaming performance

Many Android users are passionate about gaming but you may hardly know this method of increasing the game performance. Go to Settings and go to Developer Options. Here you will see the Force 4x MSAA option. By activating or enabling Force 4x MSAA, you can get a great gaming performance.

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