The trick, Find Out which Pictures Your Friend Like on Facebook

By | June 20, 2018
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Through the tricks given here, you’ll be able to apprehend whether or not you or your friend has likable the posts on the Facebook up to now. Facebook has recently more several new options. in conjunction with this, Facebook already has the “Like” feature that was introduced in 2009. Users used this feature after they likable any post showing on the Facebook wall.

You or your friends have likable what percentage photos they didn’t apprehend in these eight years. however does one apprehend that you simply will see the likes created on your Facebook therefore far? we have a tendency to ar telling you a trick during this news, through that you’ll be able to try this.

Below is the step to find pictures of your friend liked on Facebook:

Step 1- For this, first, you need to login to your Facebook application or to the desktop.

Step 2- After logging into the account, you will see the Search option at the top of Facebook. In the search option, you will need to type the name of the person in the Photo Liked By Me or Photo Liked By (Person Name) in this bracket, whose liked photos you want to see.

Step 3- You can search this way as if you wrote Photo Liked By bill gates. Now you will see the pictures below which Marc has liked.

Step 4- In addition to this, you can also see the photos you liked. For this, you will need to type Photo Liked By Me in the search option.

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