Make Your Smartphone Walkies-Talkies and Do The Free Call

By | August 13, 2018
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Have you ever thought that there can be any way you can do free calls without SIM and without any tariff plan? This can actually happen through the free Android app. With the help of these apps, users can turn two smartphone into Walkie Talkie. But it can be used in a limited way. Because these apps will work up to the same range as Bluetooth will hold.

What is the range of Bluetooth

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Bluetooth range is fixed. It has a radius of approximately 100 meters. So when you call Bluetooth, then the other smartphone must be in the range. At the same time, these apps are also required in both smartphones. You will not have to pay any fees for this. Obviously, you will not be able to talk to people sitting away through it. But talking to your friends living nearby and using it in any game would definitely be fun. Together with these apps, you will be able to turn two smartphones into walkie-talkies.

What to do?

  1. First, download the Bluetooth Talkie or Bluetooth Walkie-Talkie app in your phone. Apart from this, you will find similar apps on the Play Store.
  2. When you open the app you will see the option of Wi-Fi or Search.
  3. After this, download the app on the second phone you have to call.
  4. Connect the two smartphones on Bluetooth, on each other.
  5. Now use the option of search or Wi-Fi in the app.
  6. This will open the list of Save Bluetooth in the phone.
  7. Select the Bluetooth on which you have installed the app on the other smartphone.
  8. From this, the other phone will start belling.
  9. There is also a change in color when there are call rings and call attendance.
  10. Two smartphones made walkie-talkie There are also speakers and mute buttons available for the user’s convenience.
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