Difference Between Water Proof, Repellant, and Resistant Smartphone

By | August 13, 2018
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Nowadays smartphone just do not become smart by just being good with the RAM, the processor, and camera. There are also many different features coming out in the smartphone, which make it smart. Now come to the phone water and dust resistant. Water and dust also have no effect on these phones. Such phone users are made keeping in mind the lifestyles. There are many phones in the market where some waterproofs, water repellants, and most phones come with water-resistant certificates.

Users are usually confused with these three types of features. Before taking this kind of phone it is important to know the difference between the three.

Waterproof: The phone that comes with the waterproof feature is not damaged in water. Often, many smartphones come with IP68 and IP67 certification, which means that nothing will be done even after keeping the phone in water for 30 meters. With this, such phones can also be used to take pictures inside the water. Samsung, Sony and Apple’s devices come mainly from this feature.

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Water repellant: This level is low with waterproof feature. This feature means that a thin-film has been clamped on your phone, which will not allow water to flow in the phone. It is applied both inside and outside the phone. The hydrophobic surface is prepared on this type of phone to save water, which does not affect the phone on the phone and does not even allow the dirt to freeze. Compared with a common device, the phones equipped with this technology can stay in the water for a long time.

Water Resistant: Water Resistant is the smallest feature in this category. If your phone is water resistant then going into the water will not be okay. This means that there will be no damage after some spraying of water on your phone. But, if your phone is a water resistor, then do not forget to put your phone in water.

After knowing the difference between these three, it will be easy for you to take the phone equipped with these features. With this, you will also know which features you have to take a phone with.

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