How to Browse Private Way in a Smartphone

By | August 13, 2018
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Browsing provides enough ways for anyone to get your information. Whatever you do on the internet on your Smartphone, it leaves the footprint. Anyone can easily find out about the information you have searched for. Well, most of all we know about the most common footprint ‘browser history’. But apart from that, browsers and web pages interact with different ways and store your information in cache, cookies, browser extensions and autofill.

You should know that your online activities are not completely secure. However, in our browser, there are some ways to control them, for which you have to adjust the browser’s privacy settings.

CHROME (chrome)

On Chrome, you can do this by going to ‘Settings’. Scroll here to search for privacy first. When you open it, you will see a list of options. ‘Safe Browsing’ – As the name suggests, your browsing will be protected by Chrome. Which informs you about any phishing scam or malware on the website. ‘Do not Track’ – When you activate it, Chrome sends you a request. After that the website may continue to track you by ignoring your request. You can also browse in private mode. Where your browser will not be able to save your browsing history. Open the app and tap the drop-down menu. Select the new incognito tab. After doing all this, one thing you have to do more. Go to ‘Settings’ again and go to ‘Privacy’ and click on ‘Browsing Data Clear’. Here you will find a list of data that you can choose to delete.

FIREFOX (Firefox)

Tap on the drop-down menu, then go to ‘Settings’ and enable all of the below. Tracking Security – This feature is enabled primarily for private browsing, but anyone can use it for normal browsing. Here’s a Shield icon in the address bar, indicating that Firefox blocks the trackers on the page. When closing Firefox, ‘Clear Private Data on Exit’ can be selected to erase your browsing data. If you do not want Firefox to store your passwords then you can log in.

SAFARI (Safari)

Go to Settings and go to Safari. Scroll down to find privacy and security here. You can toggle these options by the list. Prevent cross-site tracking: Prevent websites from tracking on other pages Block all cookies: cookies are stored for help in fast loading. To clear your browsing history, go to Safari via Settings and tap on ‘History Clear and Website Data’.

DUCK DUCK GO (Duck Duck)

This is an app that blocks the trackers, uses an encrypted connection, clears the history. Duck keeps his own search engine so that the information you searched for cannot be tracked.

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