Make Your Life Easier With Google Help

By | June 25, 2018
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If you use any smartphone, with the help of Google Apps, you can make your life easier.

Know about them:

Google Authenticator

If you prefer to use two-factor authentication for the security of the account, then this app is important for you. With this app you can easily log in to accounts with two-factor authentication. It is a special thing that it also works offline on many Google devices.

Google Keep

With the help of Google Keep App, you can easily create notes. With this, you can make color-coded notes, prepare quick to-do lists. You can also set a reminder in it. All this keeps syncing with your Google Account.

Gesture search

With the help of the gesture search app, you can access apps from settings to skin gestures. When you add more gestures, your search will be refined. If you do not like typing, you can complete all your work with the help of gresure search. This method is quite easy.
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Google Inbox

Google’s service Gmail handles your email very well, but there are some special features in the Google Inbox. Features like flight check-ins, transaction receipts are available. Along with this, you can also snooze a bundle of similar messages. This method is quite useful.

Android Device Manager

If your Android smartphone is lost somewhere then with the help of Android Device Manager you can find it. This app can track your phone and helps you get back the phone. You can reset the factory to your smartphone sitting away from it.

Google My Business

Google My Business helps in verifying the information related to the app market, managing customer reviews and brand building. It keeps track of what is going on in the business. This app describes what is going on between the customers.

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