How to Increase your Smartphone Battery Life

By | June 25, 2018
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At present, almost everyone has a smartphone. With the changing times, the phone has been made more hi-tech than ever. The phone has more features, including RAM, batteries, processors and more. Many people pay more attention to the battery while buying a smartphone. But still, the battery in the phone does not seem to be screwed. In this post, we are going to tell you how and when to charge the phone’s battery.

Smartphone Battery

Some people have such a belief that the phone should be charged only when the battery is exhausted. Because the charging of the phone repeatedly damages the battery quickly. but it’s not like that. The phone should be placed on charging before discharge. When the phone stays on charging 10 percent, it should be put on charge.

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According to Battery University, if the phone’s battery is fully charged then it should be removed from charging. If this is not done, then the phone’s battery has an extra strap and it proves harmful to battery life. This has a direct impact on the battery.

If the university believes that the phone should never be fully charged. Doing this affects the performance of the phone or battery. Therefore, always charge up to 90 percent of the battery.

Smartphones are better charged if the power is charged instead of the power bank. Because such that it is soon charged. Let the Apple company suggest that it is better if the phone is charged with the power cable through the USB cable found with the adapter. Also, always use the phone’s original charger.

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