Tips to Increase Smartphone Speed

By | June 25, 2018
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In the modern era of the modern age, the need of the person has become. A person needs to be Smartphone at the step-by-step. But when this mobile does not give its proper performance at the time of need and hangs frequently, then the person gets annoyed with it. If this happens to you often, do not need to panic, today we are going to tell you the tips that you will not only save your phone hanging but also the speed of your mobile will multiply.

When we buy a new mobile, its speed is very good in the beginning, but as the mobile becomes old, its performance gradually gets spoiled, it starts hanging. It also takes a lot of time to open the app. There is a need to pay a little attention to it. So let us know how we can make our mobile a super mobile-

To cope with the problem of phone hanging and slow speed, first, you go to your phone’s settings. After this, the option below will be the option of the above phone, click on it. After this, there will be a build number option when you scroll down.

After that on the build number, you have to click 6 to 7 times. By doing so, you will have a message that the developer’s option has been turned on. Now, when coming out in the setting, there will be an option for developers option. Then click on the Developers option and click on it.

A lot of options will appear as soon as the developer’s options are turned on. Scrolling will get an option of Animation Scale Scale. Click on it. There are many options now that you reduce the screen animation or turn off.

Doing this will increase the speed of your smartphone several times. Apart from this, if there was a problem hanging on your phone, it would also end.

Do this on Facebook and Whatsapp with high-resolution photo sharing

If you do share photos via Whatsapp or Facebook, these platforms will compress your photo and send it to the sender. At times you need to send the original size photo to the sender. So that they can see their minute details. If you want, you can easily share high-resolution photos on Whatsapp or Facebook too.

Whatsapp: High-resolution photo

You share the full-size photo as a document. That is, you open a conversion and tap on the paper clip icon. From here select the document option. As soon as you tap on this, you will have a doc and a list of PDFs. But on the right, you will find the Browse other docs … option. Tap on it and select the photo you want to send. The photo will go to the sensor in its original size.

Facebook high-resolution photo

For this, you have to send your photos via Facebook Messenger. There is no compression on the photo here. At present, its limit is 2K, i.e. 2048×2048 pixels photos are shared here. Recently, Facebook has increased it to 4K, i.e. the size of 4096X4096 pixels can be shared here.

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