Keep the Eye on the House from Anywhere Using Android App

By | August 13, 2018
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Why do not you take any security at your home whenever you go out of the house, you have a little tension about your home. This tension can be taken by anyone, such as your child, your family, a pet or some valuable items kept in the house. In such a situation, you think that in some way you can see what is going on in your house and everything is fine or not.

If you are also surrounded by your own similar problem, here we will tell you about some Android App that can help you stay connected or keep track of those people, for which you are concerned about their Real-time status can be seen.

Without spending money on the surveillance system, you can feel yourself close to yourself. Let’s know about these apps.

AtHome Camera

This app is the most popular in the Home Security app. The most important thing about this app is that it comes with the multimedia platform. This app is also available not only for Android but also for iPhone, Mac and Windows users. This app actually comes in a pair, one of which is a camera app that turns your smartphone into a camera, the other app lets you monitor. In this app, Time Lapse Recording comes with features such as Multi-View, Remote Monitoring and Facial Recognition for many smartphones. This app is completely free and if you want to use your old laptop or smartphone as a camera, then this is a great app.


This is a camera app, so you can keep track of your house even when you are away from home. The special thing in this app is that you do not have to sign in or sign up again, you can access it directly, with this help you can convert any smartphone to a security camera, your old smartphone It cannot be used well.


This is a video camera app in which Surveillance feature is available, so you can take any old smartphone and make it a live streaming device with the help of WiFi. With the help of this app, it is easy to exchange videos and audio between your phone and your phone at home. One of the two connected devices in the app monitors and another camera works. Keep the phone you want to keep in the house at the place where you want to see and listen to live stages, there is also a motion detector in this app, with the help of which you can take any movement information easily. These apps are available for both Android and iOS.


You can guess by the name itself that you can keep track of some place or your home. In order to use it, you need to install the app first, and log on to your computer at, and add webcam and microphone to your computer, Now you can easily connect anywhere and anytime from your home, there is also the Motion Detection feature which updates you on the opposite time, for the better use of this app, ‘re using WiFi.

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