Helpful Tips to Solve The Disturbance of Laptop Batteries

By | August 13, 2018
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Without using Google, nowadays, it’s hard to do any work. Nowadays Google plays an important role in all the work of most people. Through Google Chrome you can easily get information from any corner of the world. Usually, nowadays, most of the desk-working people sitting on Google’s desktop are sitting on their desks.

It is important that your Google Chrome works fast and you do not have to spend too much on your desktops or laptop batteries.

In our article, we will tell you about some of these ways that you can use Google Chrome more speed and save the battery of your system.

1. Stop Google Chrome from running in the background

Even when you turn off all the Google tabs and Google Chrome browsers on your computer, it is still running on your WDO PC at least. Due to which there is a difference between the battery of your laptop. To confirm that Google Chrome is not running in your Widgets background, you can click on the system tray icon to the right and see the Chrome icon. Right click on that icon To make sure that Google Chrome does not run in the background, click the system tray icon in the bottom right and look for the Chrome icon. Right-click on this icon and click ‘Google Chrome Run In Background’. Then click Exit. Now whenever you turn off the system, Google will not even run in the Chrome background.

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2. Remove unwanted extensions and apps

To make our work easier, many of us install apps and extensions in our window. For example, include the plugin to capture screenshots. To view some videos or stuff offline, we keep the webpage safe. However, even after some time when we do not need these things every day or even these applications are not running, we still keep all this stored in our CPU. Because of which Google chrome means that the Internet has difficulty running and the battery is also weak. In such a way, to run Google Chrome or Internet on your computer and save the system’s battery, you uninstall all unwanted and useless apps and extensions, so you can easily do your work.

3. Close unused tabs

We often see people working on PCs on a few tabs but they keep many tabs open. In this case, there is a load of spare on your Windows PC and the whole system is slow. Close the tabs you are not using, close them. This will make your Google chrome b faster and the system’s battery will also remain.

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