8 Cool Tips from Google Search Box

By | June 27, 2018
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There are many great products from Google, whose benefits are being taken by users from around the world, but the reason Google is still known is the Google search engine, which Google has made even better with time.

Got it, let’s know Cool Tips Google search box:

1 Calculator-Calculator

The Google search box can be compiled by a big calculator like a calculator, just fill in whatever calculator you want in the search box, enter and enter, the complete calculator will be in front of you.

2 Map-Map

Although Google has a different feature from Google Maps, you can easily search the map of all the places with your search box. You do not have to use Google Maps to get the general information if you have any distance of two If you want to know, type something in the Google search box like this.

3 Google Translate Google Translate

It’s a very good service from Google, thousands of people take advantage of it, but you can translate any word only using the search box, for this first type the word and the language in which it is to be translated.

4 Public Data – Public Data

If you are studying and you want to record any country’s population related information such as records you do not have to go anywhere. You can find this information by simply typing the name of the country and the name of that country.

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5 Currency Conversion – Currency Conversion

If you are a businessman and you often need foreign currency or money information, you can easily find out.

6 Sunrise & Sunset – Sunrise and sunset

From Google you can know the timing of sunrise and sunset in any country, just type the name of the country with Sunrise for Sunrise and Sunset for Sunset and enter the country name.

7 Temperature – temperature

The need to know the temperature remains the most people, for which they wander around the website, but with the Google search box you can know the temperature of any city in any country, simply type “temp” and name of the city.

8 time-time

If you want to know the time of any country, then it can also be addressed by Google in large numbers, just type the name of the country after the time.

So you can make your search even more effective by adopting some simple, but useful search tips.

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