How to Check Someone is Tracking Your Smartphone or Not

By | June 27, 2018
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Have you ever thought about your Smartphone being tracked while talking on the phone? Is not there anybody who is looking at your phone’s messages and calls? If you have never paid attention to these things, then you must definitely read our news. Actually, using the phone is as easy as it is, even dangerous. Dangerous because if someone is tracking your phone and you do not know about it, then many of your information may be in danger.

With this, the person keeping an eye on your phone can find out about a lot of things about you. Apart from this, your personal information may also be tampered with. In this way, we have come up with three easy ways for you to help you keep track of your phone easily. We are going to tell you about three short keys, by typing on your phone, you can find out that someone is sitting on your phone and not sitting in front of you.

For Call Forward (## 002 #)

Go to your phone’s dial pad and type ## 002 # and then enter it. Actually, if someone will have to tie the forward settings in your phone, then using the code, all the settings will be back in default mode. These codes can be useful if you have been forwarded to any other number in your phone.

For redirect (* # 62 #)

If your phone has tampered with re-direct settings, then this code can be useful to you. With this code, you will know at which number the phone has been redirected.

For Call Divert (* # 21 #)

If someone in your phone has diverted a message or call another number, then with the help of this code, all those settings will be in default mode.

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