Tips, The Weak Eyed Person Can Also Operate the Smartphone

By | June 27, 2018
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If the eye is weak or the text size you see on the phone is small, then you can increase the phone text size by changing the phone’s settings. There are options for different settings for both Android and iPhone users.

Change the Android user such settings

For this, go to the Android user’s first Smartphone settings. Then click on the ‘Display’ option. Here the user will see the option of font size, click on it. After doing this, another window screen will open on the screen, which will have some text-size options, and select the user who is comfortable to read. However, some phones have different options for fonts.

iPhone user such change text size

Go to the settings of Apple’s iPhone or iPad to enlarge the text size. Click on ‘General’ option given in it. After that scroll down and choose the option of accessibility. Within this, you will get the option of maximizing the text size. There are several options to increase the text size. Also, the size of the text can also be reduced from here.

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