Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone, Learn Special Tricks

By | December 22, 2020

In today’s time, most people use dual sim phones. In such a situation, people must be wondering if they can run Whatsapp from two different numbers. Obviously this thing must have come in your mind too. Let us know that it is possible. Nowadays almost all devices come with app cloning feature. Through this feature, you can clone WhatsApp and run two WhatsApp accounts. Let’s know the complete trick.

Run Two WhatsApp

How to run two WhatsApp accounts in your mobile?

  • To run two WhatsApp accounts on your phone, first go to Mobile Settings.
  • Scroll down. Here you will see the option of application and permission, click on it. Now you will see the option of app clone here. Click on it.
  • In the app clone you will see all the applications in your phone. From that click on WhatsApp. You will see the option of clone app here. On turning it on, WhatsApp will be cloned.
  • Now you can run WhatsApp from another number through this clone.

Note: If you cannot find this feature in the Settings section, then you can search by typing App Clone, Dual App or App Twin on the search bar. By doing this you will directly access the app clone feature.

If this is not a clone feature, then use this app

If your mobile does not have a clone feature, you can still run WhatsApp from different numbers. For this, you can resort to clone making apps like Parallel Space on Google Play Store or App Store. Explain that these apps work like a clone feature.

WhatsApp’s new feature?

So far, there were three 8 Hours, 1 Week and 1 year options of muting on WhatsApp. But now the company has made the Always Mute feature live instead of the 1 Year option. With this, WhatsApp users will no longer have to mute the group every year. You will be able to mute any group or user forever. The company has made its information available through the Twitter feed.

How to Mute Group?

  • It is quite easy to mute the account of a group or contact person on WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s Always Mute feature will be for iOS users along with Android.
  • The first is to open the group that mutes users.
  • Three dotted lines will appear on the top right side of this group, on which users will have to click.
  • On clicking on it, the Mute option will click, where you have to click.
  • On clicking, three options will appear 8 Hours, 1 Week and Always.
  • By clicking Always Ok the group will be muted forever.
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