Do Not Search on Google these Things by Mistake, It Can be Troublesome

By | December 21, 2020
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Nowadays people resort to Google to know about anything. Because people believe that the information available on Google is 100 percent accurate. But many times people find some such things in the unknown, after which they get caught in some big trouble. Now such a question arises that what things should not be searched on Google. So you will find the answer in our news. Today we will tell you about some things here, which you do not have to search on Google even after forgetting. Let’s know.

Search on Google

Bomb making process

Don’t forget to search Google for bomb making process or anything related to it. By doing this you may have to go to jail. Let me tell you that as soon as you search such a thing on Google, then the IP address of your computer or laptop will reach the security agencies directly. After that it is possible that the security agencies can take action against you.

The medicines

If your health is bad and you want to find out which disease you are infected with on the basis of symptoms through Google. Also, Google is searching medicines to recover from that disease, so do not forget this. Consuming the wrong medicines can make your health worse. So whenever your health is bad, go to the doctor immediately.

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Mobile app or software

We often download phishing or fake apps and software through Google search, which can harm our device. In this case, you can download an app from Google Play Store or App Store itself. Not only this, download any software from the company’s official website.

Customer Care Number

We are using any product and in case of any problem in it, we think to call customer care directly. Many times we do not know the customer care number of a company, in such a situation, we take the help of Google, but you know that searching any customer care number on Google can prove to be harmful. Let us tell you that hackers who promote cybercrime float the fake or fake helpline number of any company in Google Search. In such a situation, when you call that number, your number reaches the hackers, after which the hackers can call you on your number to carry out cybercrime, including incidents like SIM Swap.

Do not search private e-mail ID on Google

Do not search your personal email ID on Google, by doing so your account may be hacked. Hackers can steal your personal information. Keep changing the password from time to time to avoid hackers.

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