Give a Blog Look Like Websites, Learn Way

By | June 27, 2018
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Most people use Facebook and other social platforms to serve their ideas in front of everyone, but many users are dreaming of building their own website, but due to the cost, they prefer to create their own blog instead of the website.

About 12 million people use different blogging platforms in the city. But do you know that the user can look like a blog as a website? Actually, there are some special types of widgets that help to make the blog look like a website. This increases the attractiveness of people towards the blog. Let’s know the blogs on the BlogSpot to make a charm.

Find on the menu bar

Most of the blogs do not show a menu-like option but by changing user settings, you can get options like menus and categories and can make your blog look like a website. ‘Home’, ‘About Me’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘India’, ‘World’ etc. where the place is placed is called the menu bar. Although initially, it is not easy for people to create menu bars on Blogger. Like some special websites, blogs can also be included in their own menu bar. Visit for this. Choose your blog where the menus want to set the bar.

The layout of the layout will appear in the bottom of the blog’s dashboard. After going to the blog post, click on the option of ‘Aad Gadget’. After going here, there will be an option to add many gadgets. Choose the gadgets of pages from these. To change the title of the category of your choice in the menu bar and click on them, you have to make changes to the Pages gadget. After selecting this gadget, go to the option of ‘Add External Link’ above ‘Home’. Here, paste the links of your labels, whose categories are to be created in the menu bar. There is also an option to write its title or name above this link. After saving it, your menu bar will appear on the blog.

Templates can be taken from websites

There are many such sites on the Internet that provide an attractive template for bloggers for free. There will be many options for putting blogger templates on Google. Download your favorite template from these websites in the computer. Then open it with Notepad. Copy the HTML code given in Notepad. Next, go to the option of templates in Blogger’s dashboard. At the top will be the option of edit HTML. Replace the HTML code given in the blog with the notepad code here. After saving it, your favorite look will be changed by changing the look of the blog.

Mobile templates also exist

In addition to the web version, if you want the blog to look like a website even on mobile, the user must first go to the template option. After this, the user will click on the gear icon and click on the mobile view. Then click Show desktop template on mobile devices.

Find Blog Widgets on the Blog

How many people are viewing the blog? This information has a good effect on information readers. For this, you can add a widget showing the reader number in the blog. First, go to the blog’s dashboard. After going to Layout option, click on ‘Add Gadget’. Here, select the widget named Blog Status and click on ‘Save Settings’.

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