Monthly Archives: December 2020

Tips to Find Stolen Smartphone, Follow Steps

If the smartphone is stolen, there is no need to panic. The phone can be found back at home. For this, the user has to follow some simple tips. Also, the phone can be easily traced. The data of the same phone can be recovered. Many of these people simply issue a second sim when… Read More »

WhatsApp Tips: Let’s Know About These 5 Fun Tricks

Keeping in mind the features of users in the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, many such features have been used which prove to be extremely useful. Not only this, you will also find many such hidden features about which only users will know. But these hidden features will not only be useful for you, but… Read More »

Cheapest Smartphones Launched in the Year 2020

The year 2020 has been a challenge for the smartphone industry. During this time many premium smartphones knocked the Indian market. But there have been many of these smartphones, which have been quite cheap in terms of price. Also, strong battery and powerpack performance is available. In such a situation, today we are going to… Read More »

5 Fun Tricks of Google, Definitely Try Once

Internet usage has become so common that we search the Internet on any subject. Because here you get a repository of information in just one click. The most important role in this is that of Google. Whether searching anything or looking for a destination, we open Google directly. But do you know that there are… Read More »

Santa Claus will Track Online, Norad and Google will Help

People are still following social distancing due to Corona infection. Meanwhile, now December 25 is coming and everyone is waiting for Santa. You can track Santa sitting at home on Christmas. North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAD and Google have been monitoring Santa for the past few years. This time also, following the traditions of… Read More »