Tips to Remove Background of any Image/Photo

By | August 6, 2018
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Many times your photo comes with unwanted people or a bad background that you want to remove from your picture. Now you have to do a lot of trouble to remove the background from these pictures. There is so many software online that you can use to change the background of your photos. In this, you can use background burner and Photoshop. In this news, we are telling you how to remove the background from the photo.

Remove from Background Burner Background of a photo:

Step 1- First open the Background Burner software in your computer.

Step 2- After selecting the website, click on Select File to select the photo you want to change.

Step 3- Photo upload takes a little time. Shortly after uploading the photo, 4-5 edited pictures will be seen on the website. You have to choose one of these given pictures that you feel is right.

Step 4- If you have to make any further changes to the given pictures, click the Touch-up button.

Step 5- After this, use Mark Foreground and Mark Background tool to remove unwanted parts from photos.

Step-6- After this, you will see the preview option on the right side of the website, in which you will see an edited photo. If you are looking for that picture right click on the Finish button.

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Step 7- Now click download to download the edited photo.

Also, with the help of Photoshop software, you can also change the background of your photos. Know here the whole way.

Step 1- Open Photoshop in your computer first.

Step 2- Now select Photoshop from the Photoshop whose background you want to change.

Step3- Then select the Magic Wand/Lasso tool in the software.

Step 4- Now click on the background and tap on the delete button, after which the background will disappear from your picture.

Step 5- Save the edited new photo in PNG format after this.

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