Now play the game using your smartphone camera with Google’s new game

By | June 25, 2018
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Now the camera of your smartphone is not just for taking a selfie. If you are fond of playing games then Google has brought a great mobile game. Google launched the ‘Emoji Scavenger Hunt’ game. In the game, emoji is displayed to the player and with the help of the camera, the real world is given the task of finding the object that looks like emoji. Every task has a fixed time, which will increase the player’s crosses. Google has described this game as the new initiative of the company’s Artificial Intelligence Experiment.

The camera will help find objects like emoji

This game can be played by visiting the link. This game will be played only on mobile devices, it can be played from Android and iPhone browser. Google has told about other interesting features of this game on its website. In this, a neural network works through a smartphone’s camera that helps the player find the real world object that looks like emoji in the game. To use this option, mobile must be sound on. Let’s say if the shoe emoji is shown in the game, then you will need to find a picture of a mobile with a camera from the camera and look around it. The neural network will allow the picture to be like whether it is an object appearing in the emoji or not. If this is an acknowledgment then you won your task.

The game will be able to play with the fear of data theft

Due to data thieves, Google has clarified that the user will not have to worry about it because it does not store any photo on the game server. During the game, all activities will be from local devices only.

Machine learning is based on technology

In the ‘Emoji Scavenger Hunt’ game, the company’s technique ‘Advance Machine Learning Tool’ has been used. Machine learning in computer science is a technique that calculates data from statistical techniques in computer systems.

AI camera app, Google lens can also be changed

After the launch of this game, there is a possibility of announcement regarding the other facilities linked to AI. Reporters related to technology have claimed that Google can now announce new updates about ‘AI camera app’, ‘Google lens’ and ‘special AI chip’ TPU.

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