Not calling, people use these smartphones for these tasks

By | June 22, 2018
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With the changing times, there have been a number of major changes in smartphones. From video calls to sending mail to anyone, or from payment to internet surfing, almost every work has been started from a smartphone. The smartphone has also replaced many gadgets, including many other gadgets including Alarm Clock, Digital Camera.

But according to a recent report by the mobile network O2, now less is used for smartphone calls. In addition to calling, other things such as clicking photos from the phone, running the Internet, making payments are being done more.

Calling at 5th place:

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An average smartphone user spends more than 2 hours in a day using the phone. During this time, the user spends an average of 25 minutes on Internet browsing, 17 minutes on social networking, 13 minutes playing games, and listening to 16 minutes of music. If talking about calling, it comes in fifth place in smartphone usage. The time spent on calling on the phone is just a few more than e-mail (11 minutes) and text messaging (10 minutes). According to the survey, users spend only 3 minutes on photography.

Most Indians spend online time:

Earlier another report was revealed, which stated that in the year 2017 Indians spent almost 90% online on mobile phones. According to a survey conducted by ComScore, this data is the highest among 13 countries. That is, Indians are ahead of the 13 countries to spend online on mobile.

According to the survey, where Indians spend 89 percent of their time on mobile phones. At the same time, it was 87 percent in Indonesia, 80 percent in Mexico and 77 percent in Argentina. According to the survey, Indians spend about 3,000 minutes to 50 hours on the desktop on their mobile phones compared to 11 percent on desktop. It is clear that users are shifting from desktop to mobile very fast.

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