MeMe Live App is Becoming the Choice of Youth

By | December 18, 2020

MeMe Live, a live streaming app launched in India in 2017, has added over 11 million users by November 2020. The app developer himself has given this information through a press release. The developer says that the Covid-19 epidemic caused massive changes around the world, and during this time, live streaming products were well received. Due to this, the youth also liked MeMe Live.

MeMe Live App

Recently the live streaming platform partnered with over 500 agencies and over 7,000 broadcasters, including celebrities.

MeMe Live works in India on a profitable distribution, monthly settlement and promotion system. Also, in the live streaming industry, it also gives annual bonuses, which prove to be a profitable deal for all.

The Meamy Live app was launched in 2016. The aim is to give the audience a chance to enjoy live broadcasting as well as connect with people through live sessions.

This platform gives people the option to perform live streaming of performance and broadcast etc. through mobile broadcasting app.

MeMe Live has been made available on iOS and Android operating systems since its launch in India. It was later acquired by Japan’s live streaming platform 17LIVE Group.

MeMe Live is a real live streaming platform, which is a means to make new friends and bring talent to everyone.

Through this you can live stream the special moments of your life and can also do live talk and video chat with your friends.

Through this, millions of talented broadcasters can put their talent and skills in front. It comes equipped with features like free live video chat, multi-call chat rooms and also helps you to offer your own radio channel.