How to Upload Fast Video on YouTube, With Better Quality Video

By | June 26, 2018
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It takes a lot of time to upload large size videos on YouTube. Not only this, the consumption of internet data is quite fast. Most users try to compress them quickly by compressing the video.

This spoils the quality of the video. However, trying some solutions, video can be compressed at the best quality on YouTube. First of all, upload ‘Handbrake’ software to the computer first. It can be downloaded by visiting

After this, import the video into the ‘source’ option. Then click on the format of the video you want to change. After this, go to the option of ‘Web Optimize’. Here video quality is prepared to keep in mind the web. In this option, fix the video’s height and width accordingly. Now go to the option of video and click on the option of ‘Constant Freire’. This causes less buffering and video is uploaded faster. After that click on the Start button. The video will be compressed and its quality will also be better.

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