How to Connect Android Phone to TV

By | January 12, 2021

Here I have give tips how to Connect Android Phone to TV. This information is very useful for those people who have an old big box like a box, as you may know, now smart Android TVs are coming in the market and in these TVs, we can connect our phone and see what is seen on our mobile display in our TV.

Connect Android Phone

This TV is very expensive, which not everyone can buy. And if you have an old tv then you don’t want to buy such a new tv. So today, I will tell you how you can connect your mobile to such old box. And what you can see on the display of your phone, you can now see it in your old box as well. Must read till the end.

Today we are going to know in this post that,

  1. Connect mobile with old TV.
  2. How to use Any cast.
  3. How to use HDMI to AV Converter.
  4. What to do after starting TV?
  5. Mobile setting.
  6. What to do if your mobile does not have wireless display option?
  7. How to use Miracast app.

1. How to connect mobile with old TV

To connect your old box with the phone, you have to buy two devices, the first is the name of the device any cast and the second is the name of the HDMI to AV converter. You will find both these devices in the market.

Anycast will get you around 600 to 700 rupees. And you will get HDMI to AV converter for 500 to 600 rupees and can also be found online. Two dongles and one of its two cables will be found in the box of Anycast device, so that you can power this device. And in the other device, you will get a cable to power this device and one to power this device.

2. How to use Anycast

You get a CastAny dongle and a W-Fi dongle in the box of this device. Apart from this there are cables. Anycast device is different. And the W-FI dongle is connected with these cables. One side of this cable is USB type and on the other side is a micro USB.

Micro USB type is to be added to AnyCast device. And USB type has to be attached to the charger of your phone in its five-vault adapter.

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3. How to use HDMI to AV Converter

You will find one device in this box and cables to power it, you will see HDMI port for input on one side of this device and three audio video pin ports for output on the other side. On the other side, you will see a button on the power supply side and right next to it, where PAL and NTSC will be written.

4. What to do after starting TV?

After starting the TV, you have to go to AV mode in your TV and there you will see AnyCast page in front of you. And then with the help button given to you in AnyCast device, restart AnyCast device and then you start WiFIin your mobile and connect your mobile with the WiFi of this device. And on the screen of your TV, psk and its password will be written, put that password. Now after connecting WiFi you have to go to your mobile settings.

5.Mobile Setting

After going to the settings of the phone, you have to search the option of viral display. And the device will be searched in it. And then you will see AnyCast written in it, you have to suck it up and connect with it. As soon as you connect, what is visible on your mobile display will also be visible on your TV.

6. What to do if wireless display option is not available?

If your mobile does not have a wireless display option, then you can go to the Play Store and download an app named Miracast.

7. How to use Miracast app

After downloading the Miracast app, you have to open it and search in it as soon as you see the name of Anycast, then connect your phone with it and then what is going on on your phone display is also in your old box tv able to see. If you like this information, then you must lion with and family.

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