Beware of counterfeit powerbanks, keep these 4 things special before buying

By | June 22, 2018
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With the usage of smartphones, the consumption of phone batteries is also increasing. The frequent changes in smartphones are so heavy for the phone that it has an effect on the phone’s battery. This also causes the phone to be quickly discharged. In such a situation, if you are in a place where there is no electricity, then you will charge the phone case.

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There is also an option to charge the phone PowerBank. Powerbank has proved to be very helpful for charging phones. But many counterfeit power banks are being sold in the market. In such a situation, finding real and fake PowerBank has become a bit difficult. In this post, we are going to tell you what precautions should be taken before buying PowerBank.

Keep the Capacity Focus:

The most important feature of PowerBank is its battery capacity. Power banks capacitance is measured in ‘mAh’. The user should take powerband with three times capacity from the phone’s battery. For example: If your phone is equipped with 3000 mAh battery, then buy PowerBank with 10000 mAh. Also, it is important to see if this power bank is supporting your phone or not.

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USB charging:

When buying PowerBank, also note that it has USB charging or not. Most power banks have USB charging feature. However, this feature has not been given in some older power banks. These are given a separate cable.


In addition to battery capacities, the cost of PowerBank is also important. When taking PowerBank, keep in mind the price too. Many times it happens that you buy PowerBank because of low cost because it has more capacity given. Such power banks cannot charge your phone properly. At the same time, they also do the damages. In this way, you do not buy cheap PowerBank. It can be harmful to the phone. From mid-range to high-range power banks prove to be the right choice.


If you talk about quality, do not buy Powerbank at all, either refurbished batteries, or there are no basic features like the short circuit, overcharging protection.

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