Android App to Auto-Reply Message on WhatsApp

By | July 4, 2018

We ar showing you Associate in Nursing app that you just ar commerce with, even if your WhatsApp can auto-reply to a different user, therefore {there can|there’ll} be no ought to bit the smartphone and therefore the user with the reply will get a reply.

This way is completed in Auto-Reply

For auto-reply on WhatsApp, the user should install the ‘Auto-reply for WhatsApp’ app on the smartphone. this is often a free app, solely your information are going to be used for this. when this app is put in, your WATSAP account is connected, when some settings modification, the user will auto-reply any message.

About Auto-reply for WhatsApp App

  • Automate your WhatsApp and give programmed answers: Auto Reply for WhatsApp will help to Auto Reply WhatsApp Messages consequently.
  • Possibility to answer every get message (from all / from single contacts).
  • Computerize your WhatsApp ™ and give programmed answers.
  • Automatically answers to all WhatsApp messages with predefined writings: This feature will enable you to set a custom content to answer WhatsApp messages.
  • Automatically answers to custom/all WhatsApp messages with predefined writings.
  • Responds if message parallels or just contains some words.
  • Possibility to answer every single got message (from all / from single contacts)
  • Possibility to set contacts.
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