Vigo Video Android App: Create Your Own Funny Short

By | July 18, 2018
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Using Vigo Video Android App you’ll capture and make your own funny short videos with there tricks camera and heaps of cute stickers. it’s a brief video social network, during this app you’ll share your daily lives along with your friends, family, and reformer from everywhere the Vigo Video App: Capture and make Your Own Funny Short Videos world.

Vigo Video App

The Feature of Vigo Video App

Many Cute Stickers and Special Effects

All in one video editor. Many varieties of animated stickers and special effects you can add to your videos. Create your unique look effortless with just one touch and never get boring.

You can easily fame 15-second video

You can show your creativity in 15 seconds of video. Easily turn your life moments into cool and artistic videos using our fast and simple editing tools.

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Easily Discover Latest Video

Become the celebrity that you’ve always wanted to be. Meet new people with shared interests in your area and around the world. Collaborate with other creative and fun people and grow your fan base.

Flawless look

This app will give your short video a flawless, perfect and porcelain look. There real-time beautify camera can magically smooth out your skin, remove the blemishes, even out your skin tones and enlarge your eyes while recording and live-streaming.

Download App: Click Here

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