Best Trick for WhatsApp User Must Use It

By | June 20, 2018
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WhatsApp currently has become an area of your common life, however there ar still some Whatsapp tricks that you simply might not understand albeit having a Whatsapp user. exploitation these tricks can create your chat even additional fun.

Below is that the trick for WhatsApp:

Making GIF:

Through this feature, we will use GIF to message somebody on Whatsapp. These GIFs are often made up of Save photos and videos solely in your phone’s gallery. attend Whatsapp chat for this. Then attend the hooked up file and choose the video that you simply need to create GIF. After that, you’ll be able to produce a 6-second GIF.

Chat in several languages:

There is no would like of English solely throughout the chat on Whatsapp. currently you’ll be able to use Whatsapp in Hindi yet as in several Indian regional languages. For this, attend Whatsapp settings and {choose} the app language and choose one among the opposite languages, the chat language of your alternative.

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Text Format:

With the new feature of Whatsapp, currently its format are often modified before causing any text. during this you’ll be able to daring your text, for this, ‘*’ should be initialized and initialized. except this, the font can even be entered, use ‘_’ for this.

Top pin to chat:

This is happening many times throughout chat on Whatsapp after we square measure reprimand someone, we’ve to scroll down once more and realize that chat. currently with the assistance of this feature of Whatsapp, we have a tendency to don’t ought to try this. With this feature, we will pin any chat so it involves the highest of our chat and doesn’t ought to realize it once more and once more. For this, you have got to carry the chat for a short while and hold. After this, you’ll see some icons upstairs. the primary of those is that the PIN icon that you simply will pin the chat by choosing.

Stop the automated image download:

Now all of the media drawing near Whatsapp is downloaded and that they conjointly consume an excessive amount of of your knowledge. you’ll be able to stop machine transfer to avoid this.

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