Sites in VR App – Experience Virtual Reality in Android Phone

By | December 22, 2018

With VR Android App, you can experience far-away sites right from the comfort of your home. VR experience is not mainstream yet and that’s because you need a VR headset for that.  Go up the Eiffel tower, go inside the Egyptian Pyramids and even visit Mars. You will feel as if you are there.

The Features of Sites in VR App

You can now use this app to set up your viewer for all other VR apps too. It has an integrated QR code scanner and even corrects for wrong screen-size issues. Normally, people will use Google’s “Cardboard” app to set up their viewer. But if your phone does not have a gyroscope, “Cardboard” app can’t be installed. In that case, this app is the only alternative you have to set up your viewer.

If there is no preset for your viewer, or you simply want to improve the perceived quality, you can use the unique VR settings option. You can make corrections on the eye separation, vertical center, screen to lens distance, barrel distortion, chromatic aberration and field of view.

No stitching errors: Utmost care is given to produce panoramas without stitching errors. Even when you look to the ground, where normally the tripod stand, you will not see any errors. This is also true for the many stereoscopic (3D) panoramas. Many will not know this but producing an error-free stereoscopic panorama of a real-life scene (not rendered), that feels right when you look at it. is very hard! Countless hours are put into making these.

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