How to Save Money on Web Hosting Renewal

By | January 11, 2020
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Today’s topic is, how can you save money on Renew Web Hosting for WordPress Blogs? Web hosting is one of those investments that every blogger running a Self Hosted WordPress blog has to make. Shared hosting of an inexpensive and reliable WordPress typically ranges between $ 4 / month to $ 10 / month depending on the requirements. This cost increases to a great extent when you turn to VPS or dedicated hosting.

Save Money Web Hosting

In today’s post, I will tell you some such quick tips by using which you can save money on renewal of Web Hosting. Some of these ideas can be used from the very first day of purchase. Rest there when your hosting time is to expire and you have to pay for renewal.

When a new blogger takes initial steps to set-up a self-hosted blog, it is often unaware of the costs involved in web hosting. It is often the case that a new blogger buys hosting at high cost and that too without any discount. Even if he gets some discount, the cost of renewal is also excessively high when it comes to renewal.

How to save money on Hosting Renewal Bills?

Some of you may be considering for the first purchase of the hosting service and for the rest of the renewal on the existing hosting account. For this reason, I have taken care of the views of both the sides and have pointed out some such methods which are in favor of both these scenarios whether you are just starting or renewing your service.

For purchase of New Hosting:

If you are about to buy a hosting package for your blog, this is the right time to save money for long-term. Generally when you buy hosting from any hosting companies, you can easily find discount coupons on the web. One mistake that people often make is that they buy hosting for just one year, and the next year they have to pay full for renewal hosting. There is rarely any discount coupon available for such renewals, so opting for more than a year at the time of your original purchase will save you money in the long term.

Ask your hosting company for a discount:

This approach works for almost every hosting company. Retaining a customer is the utmost priority of any hosting company, and when your hosting term is about to expire, you can ask your hosting sales team for a discount on renewal.

This may or may not happen, as it depends on the policy of the hosting company. But, if you ask correctly, you can get a decent discount. Otherwise, you can always choose another method.

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