How to Do Business on Amazon?

By | February 9, 2021

Here I have explained How to Do Business on Amazon? How to do business with Amazon. Amazon launched the Indian Marketplace several years ago and launched the Associate Program for Products seller. On which you can start Affiliate Marketing by creating an account.

Business on Amazon

Business Can Be Done from Amazon in 2 Ways,

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Amazon Seller

In an easy language, Affiliate marketing means selling online available product in Amazon and taking commission. Amazon Seller is that. Who sell their product or goods by putting it on Amazon.

There are many more Ecommerce Affiliate Websites such as online Affiliate Program shopping sites- Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Snapdeal. With whom we can do business. Talking about Amazon Company, Amazon Company gives different commissions for different goods.

This is Amazon. in Affiliate Marketing Program U.S. The front is the same. But for Indian, they are paying a big commission on every product.

How to Start a Business from Amazon?

I have told you, to start a business with Amazon, we need to have a website blog. So that you can share the product by putting a product on it. And you can also promote on social media as well.

There are 2 ways you can start a business from Amazon,

  1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  2. Amazon Seller

Affiliate Marketing Program Sites List in India

Apart from Amazon shopping site, there are many other online shopping sites on which affiliate marketing and seller can start business by joining-

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. Flipkart Affiliate Program
  3. Snapdeal Affiliate Program
  4. ebay affiliate program
  5. Jabong Affiliate Program
  6. Indiamart Affiliate Program
  7. Infibeam Affiliate Program

The Affilliate Marketing Program Sites mentioned above are described, which are put on the website and sold online, with a commission of minimum 1000 Rs. On payment, you get To earn money from affiliate marketing, you can promote on Webiste or Social Media.

Apart from this, Earning is also done from Seller. Which is completely different from Affiliate Marketing. Because the product is its own, the product is put on the shopping site. The more you buy your product, the more money you will earn.

How to Affiliate Marketing Online Business from Amazon?

To sell the product on the Internet online, a website has to be created. After that the product link or HTML code from Amazon will be found in the website. Which needs to be put on the website.

Just like you write an article for the blog. And receive traffic from Google. Let’s know how to create an account to do business with online Amazon. And what are the things that will be required for that-

  • Create Account on Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Fill your Account information or Payment Details
  • Fill website details.
  • Pan card

1. First of all join Amazon Affiliate Program and create an account. Click below to go direct

2. Create an account by clicking on Join Now For Free.

3. Fill all the details and click on the next button. After filling the complete information, create an account.

4. Now you can put both the image or text of the product on your website.

In this way, visitors click on your products and buy products from Amazon, then you will get commission according to different products. If you want, you can also select each product. Apart from getting the link in it, you can also get different widgets and embed them in the sidebar of your blog.

How to Do Business by Becoming a Seller on Amazon?

Amazon is a very famous company. Which was built by Jeff Bezos in 1949. If you want to do business with amazon. Meaning if you want to sell your products through Amazon, then this post is for you. In this we will know how to make Amazon Seller? And how can you sell your own products through amazon?

How to Start Amazon Business?

People who manufacture their products in very large quantities, it is obviously a matter of feeling that they can wear their products to as many people as possible.

Another good advantage of becoming a seller on amazon is that you can poach your products not only in India but in many countries.

If you want to sell your product outside India, then you may need Import Export code, so you should get information about it beforehand.

Now we know what to do to become a seller on amazon, what is the benefit of becoming a seller on amazon?

Benefits of Become Amazon Seller

Now we will know what are the advantages of becoming an amazon seller and how amazon seller program will be beneficial to you.

Big Amount of Customers

The first and best advantage is that your manufactured product will reach more and more people, meaning that the number of people buying the product will also increase greatly, and if the number of people buying it will increase, then your income will also increase.

Easy process

Now you will not need any salesmen to sell your product and at the same time you will not need to advertise your product. Amazon does all this work on its behalf, for this you do not need another person.

Brand will become popular

If your product will be good and your customer will like your product, then with the help of amazon review system, that customer will write good about your product and whenever a new customer comes to buy the product, then by seeing that review, trust your brand and you will have it Will buy the product from