Great Features of Google Gmail, Have You Ever Used It

By | June 21, 2018
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Nowadays, within the era of the digital age, work is completed everywhere the web. Google Gmail perpetually updates itself per the stress of your time. during this order, grasp a number of the nice gimmicks of Gmail which will work for you. virtually all and sundry uses Gmail, UN agency could be a student or AN workplace employee.

1. Colourful Stars:

For colourful Stars, you’ll realize a Star section after you scroll down the screen and head to Settings. during this star section, you’ll select the colour of the narcotic selection. whereas operating in GMail, you would like to envision the colour of your selection on the screen, then with this feature named colourful Stars, you’ll place a color of your selection.

2. Add different Account:

If you’ve got multiple email accounts like Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, then you’ll see them in one place via Gmail’s Add different accounts.

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3. Search Properly:

For Search Properly, you’ve got to travel to the highest of the search bar and click on on the arrow mark. Here you’ll realize all the choices. If you would like to seek out Associate in Nursing recent match in your mail then this feature are of nice facilitate to you.

4. Block annoying people:

If you are doing not need to receive the mail of a specific person, then you’ll block it from it.

5. Unsend Messages:

You need to change the UNDO SEND howeverton by attending to GMail for Unsend Messages but when causation the incorrect mail you’ll have to be compelled to send the UNDO among most thirty seconds, then the mail sent to it wrong address can’t be deleted. If you by mistake sent Associate in Nursing incorrect e-mail to the Unsend Messages feature, you’ll set it so mail doesn’t reach the unwanted receiver.

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