Google Security Checkup Tool: Easy To Check Security Issue

By | August 11, 2018
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Today I will explain about the Google Security Checkup tool. This Security Checkup tool also shows the total number of issues found on your Google account and then provides a badge (with yellow, red, or green color) depending on the issues. You should give a try to this tool if you haven’t. Using this tool you can revoke access of any 3rd party tool/app that is harmful to your account. Revoking an app access removes all the permissions granted by you to that particular app. Google provides a free Security Checkup tool that checks your Google account for security issues.

Above screenshot shows a green badge for any Google Account which indicates that my account is safe as per this tool.

After sign in, it provides a badge for your Google account which indicates if your Google account is safe. You can also see the total number of issues found for your account.

Below that security badge, you will see four different sections related to the account security. These sections are:

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Sign-in & recovery: Using this you can check if phone number and recovery email address are added to your Google account. If not, this section helps to add these security items.

Your devices: Year and location for each device are also provided here. This section shows the list of devices connected to your Google account. If you don’t recognize a device, then this section suggests you change your password.

Recent security events: Security events like the sign in with unrecognized device, change in some important setting, etc. It lets you check if some unusual security events detected in the past 28 days. You’re notified immediately if there is any type of threat.

Third-party access: It lets you turn on/off less secure app access option for your Google account. This is one of the important sections here. You can also check what type of permissions are granted to a particular app. If you found some app suspicious, you can simply revoke access for that app. Apart from that, it is also helpful to check which apps have access to your Google account.

Check Your Google Account Security: Click Here

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