Google Launches Project Navlekha, Learn What’s Special

By | August 28, 2018
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The Google for India 2018 event was organized in New Delhi today. During the Google for India 2018 event, the company has announced the project Navlekha under next billion-user leadership. Navlekha will help the publishers writing content specifically in regional language so that they can publish their content online. Google has made several announcements in the 2018 event, the company has also changed the name of Google Tez. Google Tej has been renamed Google Pay.

project navlekha learn

Under Google’s Project Navlekha, you can create web pages with the help of the easy application process. Rajan Anandan, vice president of Google India and Southeast Asia, has said in the blog post that the word Nawalaka has been taken from Sanskrit. Navlekha means ‘a new way to write’ Google tweeted on Twitter that content in Indian language is only 1 percent compared to English. The biggest issue is that regional language publishers have to go through a difficult process to carry content on the Internet.

Google’s Project Navlekha Publishers will find beautiful web pages, unlimited free hosting and AdSense support on the brand domain. Google said that publishers will also get training and support.

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The thing to note is that Google will provide expert support to set up a website. There is no fee to pay for this. The company said that we will help you so that you can bring your content online. Google said that we will not charge for the first three years for publication tools and domain (name).

Google claimed that out of 135,000 print publishers in India, 90 percent of them do not have their own website. The new purpose of Google’s new project is to make offline publishers so powerful that they can bring their content online.

Note that Project Navlekha will soon be available for Hindi publication. Interested users can go to Google’s new page and register for the Free Publications website. First, sign up to join Google’s Navlekha program. After that Google’s team will be in touch with you after reviewing your application. Registered Indian publications can also sign up by visiting the webpage. After signing up, you will get information about when other languages will be added.

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