Benefits of Using Quora for Bloggers

By | February 10, 2020

Quora is a Question Answer website, on which people of community, by putting their questions in front of people, can get their answers and publish their answers for the answers of others’ questions. Today, we will know in this article, how can you use Bloggers Quora for the benefit of your blog or website.

In Quora’s own words, Quora is a place to acquire and share knowledge. It is a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute to unique insights and quality answers. It empowers people to learn from each other and understand the world better. Quora has become a very popular platform worldwide in the last few years. You can check the rank of US and the rank of India, which is very high. This makes Quora’s popularity clear.

Quora for Bloggers

List of Benefit from Using Quora


Back links-building is the largest part of off-page SEO. When you answer a question on Quora, you can give a link to any of your related, relevant and useful posts in it. But remember, give the link only if it has any usefulness in the overall answer. Do not waste spamming. It will not be of any use. By giving links to such useful articles in Quora’s answers, you are basically getting a back link from Quora for your website or blog, which has very high value.

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Referral traffic

I mentioned above that you can include hyperlinks to the useful, related and relevant articles of your site or blog in the answers. When your answer to a popular question will be at the top in Quora and your link will also be in the middle, then many people will redirect to your blog or website by clicking that link. In such a situation, you will be able to get a lot of referral traffic from Quora on your blog or website. Now you know the direct benefits of more traffic.

Branding and Identity

To ask and answer questions on Quora, you have to create your account on it. Now your identity in the account is from your name, your photo and your area of interest or qualification. Whenever you post a question or answer it, your identity is mentioned in it.

Some important tips to use Quora

  • Give priority to the answers of the related questions related to the niche of your site / blog. For example, if your blog is about Digital Marketing, then people who are related to digital marketing should answer the questions asked on Quora and in that answers give links to related and relevant articles of their site.
  • Prioritize answering questions that have no answers or fewer answers.
  • Create or answer questions that may become viral in future.
  • Never add unnecessary links or spamy irrelevant links in answers.
  • Your answer should be useful according to the question.
  • Use Images in Answers.

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