2 Best Way to Search on Multiple Google Drive Accounts

By | November 28, 2018
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In this article, I actually have explained however we will search on multiple Google Drive accounts. we all know Google Drive comes with the most effective feature wherever you’ll realize al the kind of files and file sorts. however In Google Drive still, currently there’s no choice to search files from multiple Google Drive accounts along. I actually have written this text for people who need to look for multiple accounts. All the essential issue is that the same altogether in these ways.

Way To Search Google Drive

Tips to Search on Multiple Google Drive Accounts

Method 1: Using MultCloud Service

Multiple Cloud Storage Manager – Manage All Cloud Storage in One Place. FREE App for synchronizing, Backup and Transfer Files between Cloud Storage. this is often one in all my favorite ways to look for multiple Google Drive accounts. MultCloud may be an extremely popular service. It permits you to add Google Drive accounts for normal users. you’ll set the custom name for every Google Drive account to simply determine.

Transfer files among multi-clouds, FTP and WebDAV for simple file management and data delivery.

Steps to look victimization MultCloud Service:

Steps 1: Connect All the Google Drive Accounts from that you simply need to look.

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Step 2: Use the Search icon that’s placed on the highest right a part of the house. After that, a pop-up can open during which you’ve got to:

  • Select “Quick Search” as Search sort.
  • Select Drives wherever you wish to perform the search.

Step 3: currently Enter search keywords or search text, and press the “Search” button.

The higher than steps can show you files and folders associated with search text altogether of these Google Drives. for each search result, you’ll be ready to check the file name, location, changed date, and item size. for each search result, you’ll be ready to check the file name, location, changed date, and item size.

Method 2: Share all the files and folders from the accounts that hold the files with the account that you want to use for searching.

Steps to look victimization Google Drive:

Step 1: initial you would like to pick out one in all your accounts because of the “master account”.
Step 2: produce a folder to be used as a “Master Archive” in your “master account” and share it with editor access to your alternative account.

Now you’ll realize that sharing files and folder from another account that have access to those files.

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