With Google Assistant, You Can Talk Like a Person

By | June 25, 2018

As Google showed I was continuously talking to Google’s I/O conference last month, Google Assistant’s update of it has started slowly getting released. Now you do not need to say Google or OK Google to activate Google Assistant. Google Assistant can now talk to you like a human.

The company said in one of its statements that now you can talk to Google Assistant like this constantly. Like, Google, what’s the weather and how it will be tomorrow, can you write a raincoat in my shopping list, and you tell me to come out of the house with an umbrella in the morning, thank you.

If you want to communicate continuously with Google Assistant, keep your phone’s home button for a while or activate the speaker OK by speaking Google. Now you will see a blue button at the top of it, click on it and go to the menu or settings by clicking on the three dots at the top.

Now you have to click on Preferences and tap On Continued Conversation and turn it on. After this, you will be able to talk continuously with Google Assistant. However, it is currently working in English only.