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Set time in smartphone and hide your personal data

Smartphone watches use the user to view the timer, set the timer or as a stopwatch. But do you know that the phone’s watch can also be used as a secret locker? Actually, many apps attached to the watch utility are present on the Google Play Store. One of these is the App Timer Lock.… Read More »

Delete personal data from mobile that searched on Google

On the smartphone all day we all search for many things. All the information searched is saved in the history. It also happens that we also search for some personal information, which we do not want to know about anyone else. Many of us are also afraid that if someone else uses our phone, then… Read More »

What is Mixed reality Windows, Learn how to use in PC

Microsoft recently introduced Windows ‘mixed reality’. Mixed Reality allows you to run Virtual Reality (VR) and Agented Reality (AR) applications in your device. However, as long as your device does not meet the requirements of the minimum hardware, mixed reality settings will not appear in your device’s Settings app. Also, you will not be able… Read More »

Know Everything About a Website Using This Online Tools

Using this tool you can get information like How do I contact the owner of a website? Is the site accessible from China? Where is a particular website hosted? What other websites are hosted on that same server? What ad networks are they using to monetize a site? Is the site using WordPress or the… Read More »

Best websites for mobile ringtone

In mentioning these free websites, I have gone for the ten which lets us download free mobile ringtones to the PC rather than send it through the data carrier (in most countries for downloading data, carrier charges apply). Sponsored Ads Zedge The site is powered by the community of users who make and upload the… Read More »

Create Ringtone of Your Name

Are you boring with regular ringtone? Need a special ringtone with your personalized voice text?  Today we are telling you about the best website for making name ringtone as your favorite caller tune. You can make very much personalized caller ringtones with your desired text. Sponsored Ads Sponsored Ads Create Ringtone of Your Name Not… Read More »