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How to browse private way in a smartphones

Browsing provides enough ways for anyone to get your information. Whatever you do on the internet, it leaves the footprint. Anyone can easily find out about the information you have searched for. Well, most of all we know about the most common footprint ‘browser history’. But apart from that, browsers and web pages interact with… Read More »

How to Send Confidential Mail on Gmail

The world’s largest mail service, Gmail, has redesigned itself and added some new features. This will make it easier for users to use Gmail. If you do not keep this information, then this news is for your work. According to the reports, the user will have ‘snooze email’ in the new feature, with the help… Read More »

How to add a missing place to the Google Map

Google Maps lets users create their own maps that others can contribute to. You can publicly add places, like a business or landmark, to the Google Map. On some devices, you can also add the address of a house or apartment.  Maps can be private, editable by invite only, or allow public edits. Sponsored Ads To… Read More »

How to set custom ringtones for specific contacts in Android

Article Summary Sponsored Ads Setting individual ringtones for contacts is a great way to identify an important call or message. This guide provides set-by-step instructions for setting up individual ringtones for Android phones. Everyone likes to know who’s calling before they actually pick up the phone, and the easiest way to achieve that is with… Read More »

How to check someone is tracking your phone or not

Have you ever thought about your phone being tracked while talking on the phone? Is not there anybody who is looking at your phone’s messages and calls? If you have never paid attention to these things, then you must definitely read our news. Actually, using the phone is as easy as it is, even dangerous.… Read More »

How to Use Facebook Tags Review

There is a special tagging tag on Facebook that lets your friends tag you with any photo, when they are tagged, the photo starts appearing on your timeline, but some people use the photo of the timeless (timeline) Tag on which there are problems with Facebook users, if you are also troubled by this tagging,… Read More »

Hide your mobile number on Facebook

Facebook has added new and old friends around the world, you can search friends from Facebook Search bar using Facebook in many ways, in which email IDs, names, and mobile numbers are main, this contact information is your By the time the friends were limited, then it is fine. But if you have not used… Read More »

How To Stop Facebook Auto Play Video

A feature of the AutoPlay video has recently been added to Facebook, in which, whenever a video comes to the computer and mobile it automatically plays. This feature is very beneficial for publishers and advertisers, but the users of the Internet. The budget of the data is low, it can spoil their budget, if you… Read More »

How to Upload fast Video on YouTube, with better quality video

It takes a lot of time to upload large size videos on YouTube. Not only this, the consumption of internet data is quite fast. Most users try to compress them quickly by compressing the video. Sponsored Ads This spoils the quality of the video. However, trying some solutions, video can be compressed at the best… Read More »